#SAD – 26 year old Woman software engineer murdered, burnt in Tirupati

A woman software engineer of age 26 working for a renowned Information Technology company in Hyderabad was found murdered and burnt on 28th June 2021 in Tirupati. Tirupati superintendent of police Avula Ramesh Reddy working on this case, told IANS that Srikanth Reddy is strongly suspected to be behind this incident. The superintendent confirmed the murder while talking to IANS.

Avula Ramesh Reddy noted that the police, as part of investigating this murder, the police are now gathering evidence and will likely be arresting Srikanth Reddy within 2-3 days. The woman software engineer subjected to this gruesome murder has been identified as Bhuvaneshwari. The suspected Srikanth Reddy is her husband.

As part of her job, Bhuvaneshwari was working in Tata Consultancy Services, popularly known as TCS, according to the SP. The IPS officer stated that many stories are fuming up regarding why Bhuvaneshwari could have been killed. The officer asserted that he could not say anything at this stage until the culprit is caught and all evidence is being pulled out. He added that after reconstruction of everything, he would reveal full details regarding this case.

Police, at the same time, went ahead and have registered two cases in this regard. The two case registrations come under IPC section 17.The two cases are registered at different police stations, and one of them is a missing case . The Tirupati SP revealed that both the cases would soon be clubbed, and IPC sections of 301 and 201 will be invoked. Both the IPC sections mentioned above deal with murder crimes.

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