Qualcomm Targets Markets Beyond Smartphones With The Release Of New 5G Chip

Qualcomm Inc has now revealed a new chip to connect devices to the 5G networks as it is seen as a competitor to the Wi-Fi in business and home use.

Qualcomm is the largest supplier of modem chips that helps to connect smartphones and other consumer electronics to mobile networks. Qualcomm is looking to use the faster speeds with the help of 5G network technology to expand its footprint in some other markets.

The new chip is known by the name as X65 Modem and is the Qualcomm fourth-generation 5G modem, but the first to hit a download speed of around 10 gigabits per second, which is ten times faster than the peaks in the first LT networks and compared to the fibre optic broadband services.

The major focus for the new chip will be industrial and commercial applications such as equipment distributed and connecting computers directly to the cloud computing services on corporate campuses when a traditional Wi-Fi network is not implemented.

Another will be the wireless internet installation, where the 5G extensions will replace the traditional wired broadband internet service for the business or home.

CEO of Qualcomm, Cristiano Amon, revealed that the networks could offer a faster option for the residents living in neighbourhoods where the fibre optic internet service is not available easily.

Amon also revealed that the X65 modem would be used in the design of 40 different products for the fixed wireless transmissions of the telecommunications operators, which will begin to enter the market later in the year 2021.