PwC India announces 2 weeks salary as Special Bonus for 15000 employees

Audit firm PwC India announced a special one-time bonus equivalent to 2 weeks’ salary for all 15,000 employees as an appreciation for the relentless dedication and efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PwC India Special Bonus Details

PwC India will give this one-time special Bonus with the salary for March 2021. Special Bonus is separate from other perks and benefits of PwC India. PwC employees will be going through the business regular appraisal and increment cycle according to the standard PwC India timeframe. They will get a yearly bonus and increment apart from this special one time bonus.

According to PwC India Chairman Sanjeev Krishan “The last year was one of the most challenging and disruptive years for businesses and our clients across the globe. Responding to the covid-19 crisis with readiness and ensuring business continuity for all was supreme. We are proud of and humbled by the way all our people got together and ensured that we and our clients not only navigate the crisis well but also emerge stronger from it”.

New Special Bonus Trends by IT and Consulting companies

PwC is not the only firm that has announced the special Bonus for its employees and Consultant; recently, HCL announced a one-time bonus for all its employees as 10 days salary. First HCL and now PwC India bonus will put other IT companies TCS, Infosys, Wipro in pressure whereas other consulting firms KPMG, Capegmeni may also think of special Bonus. Not only Bonus but last year PwC India gave a three-day weekend to its employees.

Consulting firms are known for Hire and Fire.

There were many mass layoffs in the business and consulting Industry due to the covid-19 impact. Last year Accenture layoff impacted 900 people in the UK due to Covid-19 impact on Consulting Industry.

Consulting companies are tapping the Digital Transformation market.

Covid-19 accelerated digital transformation across the world. While deals are raining on Indian IT companies for Digital Transformation and Cloud-based projects, consulting companies are again in demand to assist their extensive client base in upgrading their business to Digital-first with a business continuity vision.

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