Over 20 thousand IT employees lost their job: Lockdowns Anniversary and impacts on the IT Hub Bengaluru

  • According to KITU (Karnataka State IT/ITes Employees Union), over twenty thousand IT employee lost their jobs in Bengaluru.
  • Many aspects have changed the lives of IT employees after a year of lockdowns has been completed.

Mr Anonymous (name hidden) finds his life came to a full circle as Covid induced lockdowns complete a year. The pandemic has taken a U-turn for this 47-year-old Software Engineer in Bengaluru, a city with the highest numbers of IT companies in India.

He lost his job earlier and then his father later in September last year due to Covid-19. He is now jobless and said that demonetization had initially affected his employer firm, and then GST implementations did more adverse effects.

Before government-imposed lockdowns, he worked as a Freelancer for various firms; then, he lost his job in lockdowns and wholly dependant on his father’s monthly pension.

He said, “I am facing a mid-career crisis and not getting any job; I don’t know what to do next.” He also tried to do business but suffered losses.

A senior officer of KITU said that cases had been filed in the court for 47 IT employees who lost their jobs. The matter is pending before the labor commissioner; others who lost their jobs after lockdowns have not yet approached the union.

Many IT companies in Bengaluru retrenched IT professionals in bulk last year during the lockdown, and many IT companies did pay-cuts and layoffs. Other than this, other sectors like manufacturing in the state had done layoffs.

In December 2020, unprecedented violence happened at the Apple Inc contractor manufacturing firm Wistron at Narasapura Industrial Area in Kolar, where the workers went on the rampage over wage issues. Since then, the firm has shut down and opened recently; it removed its VP for this incident.

Lockdowns had severe effects on the public sector too, employees at state road transport corporations went on strike for almost three days last year for delayed payments of wages.