Oracle Cloud Customers to pay reduced software license support cost

A new Support Reward Program has been launched by global IT giant Oracle to reward Oracle cloud customers. With this program, Oracle wants to encourage its customer for migrating to clouds by charging a reduced software license support cost.

According to Oracle, the customers who are interested to purchase the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) services, will have the opportunity to either get their Oracle on-premises technology licensing support bills reduced or in some cases can be eliminated.

Under the Oracle support reward program, on purchasing and consuming every dollar of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Universal Credits, its technology license support customers will be eligible to earn at least 25 cents as a reward.

This program is even more rewarding for the Unlimited License Agreements (ULA) holding customers of Oracle. They will be rewarded at the rate of 33%. It means that if a customer migrated its workload of $1.5 million to Oracle Cloud, then it will get a 100% concession on its technology license support bill of $0.5 million.

Larry Ellison, the Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle said that they want more and more customers to enjoy the benefits of their 2nd generation Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The support program will allow a customer to reduce their software support expense as they will increase cloud adoption.

Dave McCarthy, vice president, Cloud, and Edge InfInfrastructure Services, IDC said that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services are focused on meeting the customer’s needs. The reward program will attract new customers and encourage the adoption of the cloud.

According to the Chief Information Officer of Allegis Group, Brian Lindner, with the lowering of technology investments cost due to the Oracle Support Rewards program they can invest in the future.

Cognizant who shares a long relationship with Oracle considered the program to be very valuable in moving the workload to the OCI.

The data and analytics leader, Experian said that the support reward program has made Oracle Cloud their preferred choice for adopting cloud-based solutions.

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