Open source capabilities matter more than proprietary software skills: IBM.

A survey conducted on 3,400 IBM developers has revealed that open-source skills can open up more aspiring developers’ opportunities.
Linux is a highly sought skill in present times.

Linux is a highly sought skill in present times.

New York-based technology giant, IBM recently surveyed developers and technology managers to find why open source software drives organizations’ long-term hybrid cloud strategy and why open-source skills can generate better career opportunities and growth for aspiring developers.

 The O’Reilly Media survey says about open source and the cloud, to which over 3,400 IBM developers and technology managers replied, include:

  • Open-source software (OSS) was ranked equal to or better than proprietary software by 94% of survey takers.
  • When selecting cloud providers, 70% of people prefer one based on open source.
  • 65% preferred skills related to open-source technologies (such as Linux). In comparison, 36% wanted skills associated with a specific cloud platform (like Amazon AWS or Azure).
  • 65% of survey takers agreed that contributions to open-source projects help in better professional opportunities.

As per the survey conducted at IBM, “Modern software developers and architects should remain aware of both trending open source technologies as well as cloud offerings. In the long term, the knowledge of the most fundamental open-source projects will provide major benefits in job growth and other professional activities.”

What is Open Source Software, and Why Should we focus on it?

Open-source software is the one whose source code is available to everyone. Its source code can be modified and changed and can be freely distributed. On the other hand, proprietary code is typically developed behind closed doors by a single vendor with little or no transparency or flexibility to modify the code. That’s why open source developers are more in demand these days.

Being a Computer Science engineering student, I would say that one should start exploring the open-source community and work on projects. Start using git and GitHub.