How to go onsite faster – Onsite Assignment Recipe

“Onsite” is a magic word in the Information Technology Industry which means getting an assignment where you work at the client place.

India is the biggest Offshoring Hub and sends thousands of Software Developers and IT Professionals to foreign countries as an onsite assignment.

INGREDIENTS (Things for your onsite plan)


• Patience
• Time to analyze information on visa sponsoring companies
• Professional Network
• Hard Work
• Smart Work
• Innovative Work
• Willing to learn more than just technical details of Project
• No Enmity with Manager
• Confidence
• Excellent Communication Skills
• Skill to handle Bureaucracy or any office politics


  • Why do you want to go to onsite? Analyze the different parameters like career growth, financial benefits, social and family-related considerations


  • Decide whether you want to go for long term or short term onsite assignment


  • Research the list of IT companies that sends more people to onsite assignments


  • If your current company does not have any Onsite opportunities in the future, then make a plan to switch the company


  • Talk to your Manager openly and let him/her know your expectations about onsite assignments


  • Provide exceptional help and support to onsite coordinator when you are working at the offshore location


  • Understand the technical and business aspects of the project End-to-End


  • Don’t Fight with your Manager


  • Be confident during client calls as its visibility time


  • Be clear in every client communication


  • Innovate and contribute more to the Project


  • Become a dependent, reliable and critical resource in the team


  • Provide mentoring to other team members who can take up your roles when you travel onsite


  • Keep an Eye on the latest immigration news and trends


  • Find out internal formalities and timelines before your employer applies for your visa


  • Support clients and gain trust while the onsite coordinator is away on vacation. 🙂


  • Handle Bureaucracy or any office politics and if you are not able to handle then write to us.


Jai ho India!

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