Netflix announces first global post-production facility in Mumbai

Popular Video-streaming service Netflix Inc plans to launch its first-ever international live-action post-production facility in Mumbai. Netflix’s new Unit in Mumbai will be made operational by June 2022.

In their official release, the streaming platform said that they were excited to share that Mumbai will be home to Netflix’s first fully-owned, live-action, full-service post-production facility globally. The new facility in Mumbai comes with 40 offline editing rooms to provide a fun, flexible and collaborative environment for showrunners, directors, editors and sound designers.

In their official release, Netflix further said that the new facility in Mumbai would prioritise innovation and collaboration and be a pioneer in advanced media management workflows. The company added that the Mumbai facility would help in fostering a seamless partnership with India’s post-production community.

Netflix starts its operations in India in the year of 2016. Netflix has invested ₹3,000 crores in local programming in India over 2019 and 2020. The company continues to invest in India with an eye on future growth prospects. The Netflix user base in India is increasing, and Netflix, to attract more Indians, has now come up with a diverse content slate of Originals. Netflix India originals will include 13 movies, 15 series, including season two renewals, four documentaries, three reality shows and six comedy specials.

Netflix facility in Mumbai only further reinstates the companies committed to investing in the latest technologies and skill development through multiple certifications and training workshops in post-production, scriptwriting and other aspects of creative production.
The company plans to invest more in India and believes that investment takes some guts and belief forward-looking as they are still figuring things out in India.

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