‘NaadSadhana’ by Pune-Based Musician-Developer Wins ‘Apple Design Award 2021’

Sandeep Ranade, a Pune-based software engineer and Mewati Gharana musician, has received the ‘Apple Design Award 2021’ for his artificial intelligence music app ‘NaadSadhana.’ This is the first time an app for Indian music, art, and culture has won. For example, For example, Indian classical musicians can use the app to tune, synthesise, and compose music.

NaadSadhana (a combination of the Sanskrit terms for “essence of sound” and “systematic practise”) is a studio-quality all-in-one music software that enables artists of various genres and levels of competence to perform and distribute their music without limitations. The app began as an app for practising Indian classical singing but has since grown to cover seven different genres of music.

The software listens as a vocalist improvises a vocal line, provides quick feedback on note accuracy and generates a backing track to match, all in real-time, thanks to artificial intelligence and Core ML.

He earned the prestigious Apple Design Award for his app NaadSadhana on June 10, 2021, which Apple chose from over a million apps for its creativity in music, technology, and design. NaadSadhana is only the second Indian app to win this award, and it’s also the first one dedicated to Indian music, art, and culture. The other award winners mainly were larger groups, whereas NaadSadhana is a one-person show.

“I kept pinching myself. It felt like winning an Oscar,” Ranade remarked. For a few hours, I couldn’t believe it. It felt like winning an Oscar once it became surreal, and I realised I had succeeded. “It was simply fantastic.”
In his music class, he received the concept for this app. There was a music student who came to him after years of learning from someone else. She was irritated because she was not making any progress. So hSo he decided to assist her. Because she could only learn from him for one hour per week, he recognised she needed an app or someone to coach her notes while singing and practising. That is why he chose to create an app.

Following that, Ranade added more accompaniment instruments such as the Tanpura, Tabla, piano, violin, harmonium, and various other percussion instruments. In addition, he included full multitrack recording.

“Whenever you feel like singing something, you can create studio-quality music at home,” he added.
The Late Padma-Vibhushan Sangeet Martand Pt Jasraj has a golden history with the Indian classical development. When Ranade was in fourth grade, he began his classical music adventure. From 2009 forward, he studied with Pt Jasraj.

“When I was in my 12th grade, I had to choose whether I wanted to pursue music professionally or software engineering or do both, and I decided to do both,” Ranade said of combining his career and passion. I understood that I needed to manage my time better. So it was initially tweaked to fit my ‘Riyaz’ (practice) schedule. As a result, I created ‘NaadYoga,’ a vocal workout that allows you to practise for eight hours in just 15 minutes. That’s how I got things done.”

In 2020, his song “Na Corona Karo” got viral on social media and was praised by AR Rahman, the god of music.

Sandeep reflected on the occasion, saying, “The song somehow reached a lot of people throughout the world, and AR Rahman himself placed it as an Instagram post.” That has completely transformed my life. The fact that AR Rahman liked my music, my software, and everything else was a dream come true.”

Throughout his 17-year career as a software engineer, Ranade has worked with Google, Microsoft, and others in the United States. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a master’s degree in computer science. He is the founder of Endless Evolution, an education firm that assists in creating workouts for key success behaviours.

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