Microsoft on Setting Up a $2 Billion Data Center in Telangana

According to some sources, there are reports that the Redmond, Washington headquartered global IT giant, Microsoft is planning to invest about $2 to 2.25 billion in Hyderabad, Telangana for the development of a data center in the IT hub of India. Microsoft and the Telangana government are undergoing discussions to get any confirmation on the proposal.

This investment is expected to be one of the biggest investments of the IT giant to develop its largest data center outside the USA.

The dialogue between the senior management of Microsoft and the state government has just started a few months ago by K.T. Rama Rao, the Minister for IT and Industries, Telangana.

Even, though no official confirmation has been given by any of the parties yet, the proposal is expected to be in the final stage of discussion. It is still not clear that whether the data center will be located at a single location or Microsoft would have to find multiple locations for it, and how much investment it would have to make to complete the development.

According to the IT Department’s official, Microsoft has requested the state government to keep the dialogues happening between them confidential.

According to the corporate vice president of Microsoft, Noelle Walsh, the PR team of Microsoft has given no response to the email sent to it. This year the IT giant has kept a target to extend its data centers in 10 more countries across the world.

He said that, for a sustainable future, they are planning to set up new data centers at the rate of 50-100 data centers every year.

Microsoft India has also established a development center in Hyderabad, since 1998, which is one of the largest Research and Development centers of Microsoft outside the USA.

Another global IT giant, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also chosen Telangana to locate its second data center in India.

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