Microsoft Ex-CEO: Microsoft’s delay in cloud business affected battle with Amazon:

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, revealed that he wishes that he had made an investment in cloud computing earlier in his tenure at the technology giant, as per the report.

Ballmer made the remark the last Friday on the Clubhouse, an audio chat application, a discussion including Sriram Krishnan, a general partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and Steven Sinofsky, a previous Microsoft manager.

“I wish we probably started a year or so, two years earlier,” Ballmer said, according to CNBC’s report.

Tech company Microsoft also revealed that its first cloud products in the year 2008 at the time of debuting Azure, its cloud computing service in 2010. By that time, AWS had been selling cloud services for four years.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon cloud computing service, is the leader in the cloud infrastructure market, which has a market share of 32% during the fourth quarter of 2020. Microsoft Azure was the second, with a 20% market share. Apart from that, no other company has reached 10%.

Cloud computing services have become a larger percentage of Microsoft business in recent years. During FY 2020, considering July 2019 till June 2020 data, its intelligent cloud segment accounted for around 34% of the company revenue, up from 31% in fiscal 2019 and 29% in fiscal 2018.

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, ran Microsoft’s division that included its cloud business before replacing Ballmer in the year 2014. Nadella had also said that he wished Microsoft had launched its cloud products sooner.

At the time of the clubhouse discussion, Ballmer revealed that Microsoft was also too slow in its attempt to launch a smartphone. 

The company bought the Nokia devices business in 2014, around seven years back, after Apple released its first iPhone. By the year 2017, Microsoft revealed that its phone-related revenue was immaterial.