Microsoft CEO is Not in Favour of Returning to Office Amid Increasing Covid-19 Cases in the US

In an interview with CNBC, Microsoft CEO, Indian-origin Satya Nadella, shared his views on what companies can do amid the uncertainties that arose by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As the situation started to look stable, many organizations started planning their return to office strategy. But once again there are increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases in the US, which has brought to all these plans.

It was in September and October when most tech giants in the US were looking to call their employees back to the office when does not seem possible to get executed now.

Even IT giant Microsoft also put an indefinite pause on its return to office plan for its US offices.

Microsoft CEO told CNBC that forcing the employees to return to office will be a short-sighted decision taken by companies. He also emphasized making use of data as much as possible, so that companies can make their future decisions and strategies.

According to Mr. Nadella, the whole world needs to come out of this tough time. Because before that, if any region or company think that they are now free from it, will be a short-sighted opinion.

Microsoft has explained in the Work Trend Index, that how it is using data to create its hybrid model of operation and return to office strategy.

He said that, because of the frequently changing needs of employees, it is hard to find a single plan of hybrid work that can meet the expectations of all employees. Now organizations need to adopt flexibility in the operating models. It includes how employees work, where they work, and how they look after the business processes.

According to the Microsoft CEO post on LinkedIn, one of the biggest changes in the current generation is the introduction of hybrid work models, which can be adopted through spanning people, places, and processes, and a new operating model.

Microsoft CEO also suggested managers put the wellness of employees on a higher priority than short-term output goals.

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