Microsoft and Accenture come together to launch the “Green Software” foundation.

Microsoft, Accenture with GitHub, and ThoughtWorks have launched The Green Software Foundation, a non-profit organization founded with the Joint Development Foundation Projects LLC and the Linux Foundation to create a trusted ecosystem consisting of people, standards, and standard tooling, and leading practices for building green software.

Along with other companies, Accenture and Microsoft created the Green Software Foundation out of a mutual desire and need to partner across the software industry. The companies with the same commitment to sustainability and an interest in green software development are motivated to join the foundation to help grow green software engineering, create standards for the industry, and reduce carbon emissions.

 According to the Paris Climate agreement, the foundation has aimed to assist the software industry in contributing to the communications and information technology sector’s broader targets for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent by 2030.

Data centres worldwide consume 1 percent of global electricity demand, which will go to 3 to 8 percent soon, making green software development a priority. 

The Green Software Foundation focuses on three key points

Establish green software industry standards. It will develop and publish green software standards, green patterns, and practices across various computing disciplines and technology domains. In addition, the foundation will encourage voluntary adoption of these standards. 

  • Accelerate Innovation 

The Green Software Foundation will nurture open-source and open-data projects that support the building of green software applications. It will also partner with its non-profit partners and academia to support green software research.

  • Drive awareness and grow advocacy

The foundation will encourage the adoption of green software across the industry through ambassador programs, training, and education, leading to certification and events to promote the growth of green software. 

Goldman Sachs, Leaders For Climate Action, Time, and The Green Web Foundation have also joined the Green Software Foundation with Accenture, Microsoft, Avanade, GitHub, ThoughtWorks. 

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