LinkedIn Learning offering High demand courses for free. Upskill yourself with these free trainings

  • LinkedIn found the highest demand career skills that top companies like Amazon and IBM are looking for.
  • Knowledge of AWS, Python and machine learning(AI) are amongst the top sought-after job skills.
  • Until May 31, LinkedIn is giving free online classes to build these skills via LinkedIn Learning.

Getting a new job at a dream company also necessitates learning new skills that will set you apart from the crowd. However, it can be complicated to know where to begin or which skills are worthwhile to spend time learning.

LinkedIn recently published the top five trending skills based on LinkedIn Learning data from LinkedIn’s top 50 companies to help you figure out what to work on. Amazon, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America, IBM, Apple, and others were among the companies surveyed, with LinkedIn ranking them first in career development opportunities.

Additionally, through May 31, LinkedIn has made some of its LinkedIn Learning courses for learning these skills entirely free. That means that if you’re signed in to LinkedIn and complete the courses before the end of May, you’ll receive a certificate of completion to add to your LinkedIn profile.

The top 5 trending skills at leading companies and the free online courses to learn them:

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Given that Amazon is LinkedIn’s top company for career advancement, it stands to reason that understanding the design and distribution of AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing services would give you a competitive advantage.

  • AWS Essential Training for Developers: Gain knowledge of the primary AWS services and how to host AWS applications.
  • Choosing a Cloud Platform for Developers: Azure, AWS and GCP: Learn the pros and cons of three top cloud computing services, including Amazon Web Services.


Jira is a famous project tracking programme used to manage team deliverables, from assignment planning to team progress monitoring.

  • Learning Jira Software: Know the basics of Jira, from creating tickets to managing workflow boards.
  • Jira: Basic Administration: Learn to use Jira to manage users and groups and more significant projects and workflows.


Python is a common and powerful programming language used in various fields, including data science, software development, and machine learning.

  • Python Essential Training: Know the core fundamentals of Python 3 to create scripts.
  • Python for Data Science Essential Training Part 1: Learn Python to create a web scraper that downloads data from the net. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning, which uses big data to solve complex problems and develop everything from speech recognition to self-driving cars, is a rapidly growing area.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Tools and Concepts: Get a basic understanding of how AI is used in different business areas and learn more about popular AI tools such as AWS, TensorFlow, and Microsoft Azure.
  • Big Data in the Age of AI: Know more about how big data is used in industries like AI and social media and the ethical implications behind the mining of data.


Scrum is a method for managing complex processes that are becoming increasingly popular in the project management sector. You can also take a Scrum Master test to earn certification and use it to progress your project management career.

  • Scrum: The Basics: Get a basic understanding of what Scrum is and how you can use it to manage work projects.
  • Cert Prep: Scrum Master: Get the basic knowledge to pass several popular Scrum exams.

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