Latest News on the US H1B Visa Suspension

Everyone is talking about H1B Visa suspension, Cancellation of H1B, and problems for the Indian IT Industry due to US Visa impact.

Here are the key facts and information that you should know and help us smash the rumors about H1B visa suspension.


Trump administration is considering suspension of some of the US Employment Visas, including the H-1B visa, which is the most popular among Indian IT Companies.

There is no official announcement that confirms the scope of the suspension and the impact of this decision. (Refer FAQ for some of the fact-based interpretations) 


US has a significant impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and nearly 21 million people are officially classified as unemployed, with the total unemployment rate as ~13%.

Now the basic question is – if the country (America) has such a high number of unemployed people, why would they hire people from another country?

Trump Administration is looking for plans to help American Citizens who are unemployed, and Visa suspension appears to be one of the paths they have in mind.

FAQ on H1B Visa Suspension:

Why is H1B Visa so popular?

H1B Visa is the most popular visa among Indian IT Companies and Software professionals. Major Indian IT Companies who have a presence in the USA utilize H1B visa to hire cheap talent and fill their pocket global talent and contribute to Global Tech Industry

Strikethrough is intentional 🙂  

Software professionals can change the job in the USA on the H1B visa if the new employer is ready to offer Visa Sponsorship.

Additionally, the H1B visa is valid for up to six years. It can be extended unlimited time if the US Permananement residency ‘American Green Card’ is processing; this makes this visa most popular among Software and IT professionals who want to settle in the USA permanently.

When is the USA Government Suspending H1B Visa?

There is no official announcement, so it is not known when it will be applied.

What is the impact on other types of visas?

As said before, there is no official announcement. However, H1B is undoubtedly be impacted because it brings 65K foreign people in the country every year. Yet, some media reports suggest J1 visas for short term workers and L-1 visas for internal company job transfers also would have an impact.

What about people who are already working in the US on H1B?

Based on some of the past actions that Trump Administration took, immigration decisions are always discussed with Technology Forums, Top CEOs, Advisors, and advocacy firms to analyze the impact on US-based firms and the US economy.

It is highly unlikely that it will impact any existing H1B Visa holder already in the USA and working for a US-based entity.

Does it impact H1B Extention?

No, as of now, people are getting their H1B extensions decisions promptly in the US.

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