JPMorgan is on a hiring spree. Check which technology is on high demand for this Financial giant

JPMorgan is on a hiring binge for its blockchain unit, planning to fill positions across audit, engineering and marketing, several LinkedIn postings reveal. 

The bank, which has been active in the blockchain space for several years, announced in October 2020 that the bank would bring all of its blockchain-related products and services under a new business unit named Onyx. According to its website, those services include Link, a blockchain network of hundreds of financial-services firms and corporations, and its Coin Systems business. 

As for the job advertisements, JPMorgan has plastered dozens of new postings on LinkedIn, including a few engineering-related roles. A selected position for a blockchain platform software engineer is looking for someone with a background in proof of stake, Ethereum, and bitcoin. It would create a “forum for innovation with the blockchain technology community that drives thought leadership around the digital architecture roadmap and strategy.”

There’s also evidence the firm wants a more substantial external presence for the blockchain work being worked on at the firm.

“This individual will drive the Link marketing strategy by developing a thorough and robust understanding of our strategic intentions, positioning, brand voice, and offerings so that you can create consistent and engaging content across multiple touchpoints,” the advertisement reads. The individual hired would be tasked with creating marketing strategies that “spark engagement both internally and externally.”

The bank added that they also want the candidates to have a sense of humour that is a touch irreverent.

JPMorgan has already made quite a few big-ticket marketing hires for Onyx. At the start of the year, Ms Ariana Gianacopoulos, former VP of global commercial marketing at Conde Nast, joined the firm as a marketing director.

Mr Ray Beharry, previously a marketing executive for IBM’s cloud services division, also joined as head of marketing at Onyx, according to his LinkedIn. 

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