ATTN Hiring News : iXceed Plans to hire 200 employees

iXceed solutions, as part of a global business expansion spree, have recently announced that it would be hiring 200 employees more to its workforce which will include 50 top executives.
The new employees hired will be dealing with Management and Administration and will be working as Account Directors, Technical/Pharma recruiters, and IT managers. The plan to expand from an employee base of 60 to 200 comes when companies are planning layoffs.

Yogita Tulsiani, who is the Director & Co-Founder of iXceed Solutions, when asked about this hiring process, said that this year’s hiring plan represents their commitment to accelerate and strengthen iXceed’s growth in areas like SE Asia, Middle East, and the US, which will result in an aggressive expansion spree. He further said that their business growth strategy has an eye to make profitable and sustained business growth in these markets. With the current hiring plans, they are looking forward to achieving multifold growth for the company by the end of FY22.

iXceed has earned a name for itself in the highly competitive recruitment sector as a tech-savvy, unique, AI-based, people-centric recruitment firm with its robust framework. This powerful framework helps iXceed solutions to create valuable relationships with clients and people by providing efficient talent solutions but also helps them to cater to client and customer needs much quicker.

To facilitate the smoother expansion of business, iXceed Solution devotes more time and energy to investing its resources in transforming the global talent management and recruitment industry. To tap more international markets and implement the move to hire 200 employees, iXceed’s solutions plan to be a significant global competitor in the coming years.

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