It Is Official: Trump to suspend H1B, L1, and H4 Visa for this year

As per the latest announcement from The White House, the Trump administration officially announced the ban on various immigrant visas through the end of this year; This includes the most popular H1B visas and L-1 visas.

The list of restricted visas includes H-1Bs visas for specialty occupations, L-1 visas for intracompany transfers, H4, and various other visas.

White House predicts that this immigration executive order will save 525K American jobs.

New Visa restrictions Dates:

As per the official announcement from the White House, new visa restrictions are applicable from June 24th and will last until the end of this year.

Does this new Visa restriction impact all H1B Visa holders?

No this restriction impacts only those outsides of the USA; anyone already working in the USA on any of the listed visa categories, including H1B Visa, will not have any impact.

In layman terms – If you are in India and suppose to go for H1B stamping to travel the USA, then it will not be possible this year.

What Visas are impacted by this immigration Visa restrictions

This new Trump immigration announcement impacts five visa categories:

1. H1B – Workers in Specialty occupations; This is the Visa that most of the Tech companies and IT companies utilize to hire foreign Tech Talent. Indian IT Professionals and Software Engineers are badly hit due to restrictions on the H1B visa category.

2. L-1 –  Work Visa for intracompany transfers; this category of the Visa will also significantly impact Indian Software Engineers, Managers, and It Companies as this is the second most popular Visa among IT Companies.

3. H4 and H4EAD – This Visa is for the spouse of the H1B holder. H4EAD is like a temporary green card up to the validity of the H1B where spouse of H1B can work without visa sponsorship in the USA.

4. J1-Visas for exchange visitors

5. H-2B – Temporary non-agricultural workers; usually low paying and low skills job

Which Industry is profoundly impacted by this new Visa restrictions

Undoubtedly Tech Industry that includes the Indian Software Industry is profoundly impacted.

Who is not impacted

  • If you are already in the USA then it will not impact you; H1B transfers and Extensions for those who are already in the USA will be allowed
  • No impact on Agricultural laborers, health care workers, and approximately 20,000 child-care providers who come to the United States

Whitehouse Official Announcement Copy

This is defiantly not a good sign for the Indian IT Industry and Software Industry. This will surely break the onsite dream of many talented people.

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