IT Firm Tech Mahindra starts COVID-19 screening service for ₹1,200 per person

Indian IT company Tech Mahindra has started a COVID-19 screening service ‘Mhealthy’ to detect COVID-19 antibodies. Tech Mahindra would provide this service for Rs 1,200 per person

According to Tech Mahindra officials, the platform is clinically tested and compliant with government-mandated regulations and guidelines. Tech Mahindra has done a screening of its employees, and results have been 96 percent accurate.

Here is how Tech Mahindra Coronavirus Screen Service ‘Mhealthy’ works:

Mhealthy does instant risk assessment on COVID-19 and additionally performs over 32 screening tests, including blood glucose and hypertension, on a single platform and detects any antibodies with 96 percent accuracy.

Tech Mahindra is confident that there is no other test like the one this platform provides. Some platforms do only COVID-19 antibodies test or antigen test, but this is a comprehensive test that considers all the co-morbidity factors like hypertension and blood glucose.

According to Tech Mahindra Global Chief People Officer and Head of Marketing Harshvendra Soin, the Mhealthy platform will categorize individuals opting for the screening as L1, L2, and L3.

  • L1 – Person is healthy
  • L2 – Person has had some exposure
  • L3 – Person is most likely to be a COVID-19-positive case

Soin added that Tech Mahindra would provide this service for Rs 1,200 per person. The Mhealthy team will visit societies and companies’ premises for screening with portable devices and trained nurses for the service.

Going to a hospital is a significant risk; people can directly connect through an App with the doctor for consultation. The Central Drugs Standard Control Org (CDSCO) has approved tech Mahindra owned platform Mhealthy.

Earlier this year, many employees have criticized Tech Mahindra for not taking enough precautions; in fact, Bubhanswer based Tech Mahindra Development center found multiple COVID-19 positive cases.

Tech Mahindra has put significant efforts to fight against COVID-19 in the last few months and it is great to contribute by this Tech Mahindra COVID-19 screening service.

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