Is India an Information Technology (IT) Superpower?

Information Technology Superpower
Information Technology Superpower

Is India an Information Technology Superpower?
Do you think India is an Information Technology(IT) superpower?

In this story, Indian IT Blog debates whether India can be called an Information Technology superpower.

The story behind the word Superpower:

Word superpower got popular after World War II when
The USA and the Soviet Union emerged as powerful nations that can influence, impact, and dominate rest of the world.

it is debatable if India should be called an Information Technology(IT) superpower.

Food for thought reasons why should India not called an Information Technology(IT) Superpower:

• India is one of the most popular countries for IT outsoaring and supplier of cheap and talented software engineers for developed nations

• Many Indian IT Companies are working on cutting edge technologies and innovative products however the majority of the Indian It companies are still into maintenance and support service projects

• India does not have any dominant Tech product; we produce Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Shantanu Narayen, Vinod Dham but failed to produce Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Uber, and Twitter

• Do we have companies like GoDaddy and HostGator? A significant number of website across Global runs through GoDaddy and HostGator

• Believe it or not but 9 out of 10 startups in India are websites or apps and aim to make it popular and sell

Food for thought reasons India should be called an Information Technology(IT) Superpower

• Size and growth of Indian IT Industry; India exported USD 135.9 billion(+8.5% compared to last year)

• Global Tech Superpowers are highly dependent on Indian IT Professionals. For example in the USA, the majority of the foreign IT Professionals are India born

• India is the first choice for global investors for foreign investment.

• Best tech companies have their offices in India; For Example, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, etc.

Indian IT Blog believes that to be called an IT superpower, India has to emerge as a Leader in cutting edge technology and influence the rest of the word. India needs to focus on invention and innovation, not only earning dollars by providing cheap labor.

What do you think?