Is automation a real threat to IT Professionals?

Is automation a real threat to IT Professionals?
This question is flying for many years that if automation is a real threat to Indian IT Professionals.

Automation is real, and IT companies/IT professionals should take it seriously.

Let me share a conversation that I had with my Dadaji(Grandpa) 15 years back; this conversation was in a regional language, but I am trying to translate it in English.

Discussion on Automation with my Grandpa-

Dadaji(Grandpa): Your computer is making many people unemployed

Me: How? Dadaji

Dadaji(Grandpa): Bank used to have a lot of employees as cashiers but now due to ATM, people don’t go to the bank, and they are firing people from the bank job

Me: But Dadaji(Grandpa), many people get a job to Design/Develop/support that ATM so there is new employment due to that ATM 🙂

Dadaji(Grandpa): Can that person who was working as cashier getting a job to design/develop the ATM?

Me: No Dadaji(Grandpa), that person knows only making an entry in the register and provide deposit and withdraw; that’s the same task he does every day. That person has no clue about sophisticated technologies out there.

I can relate this to today’s human vs. machine situation; on one side we have IT professionals who do a lot of low-level, repetitive tasks and other hands there is a growing list of automated tools and technology to perform the same job efficiently and without any manual intervention.

The real question is- how we can become that Cashier from the bank who would get a job to design/develop/support ATM in case of cashier job is no more?

I recently visited New York City; my friend took me to a humanless bank branch where I was dealing with machines; I was shocked to see that Robot was able to handle all my complex questions related to banking and can perform any banking related task that you would do in Bank.

In today’s world, Automation and Artificial Intelligence is everywhere; from sending an email to Flight Auto Mode and Call Centre, everything is automated.

As per Hfs Research: IT sector to lose 6.4 lakh “low-skilled” jobs to automation by 2021

I think the immediate question is to find which category your daily job falls:

Low Skilled: Low-quality repetitive tasks; a simple example is running a SQL query and generating a report [FULL IMPACT TO YOUR JOB]

Medium Skilled: It is a repetitive task however requires some manual intervention; additionally complex task where machines cannot perform end to end operation [PARTIAL IMPACT TO YOUR JOB]

Highly Skilled: Tasks that require critical human thinking and judgment + anything that machine or AI is not capable of doing

So what to do?

I would conclude this story with three key points:

1. Be Smart; learn and adopt new changes; keep an eye on new technology trends
2. Make an action plan that if the technology that you are working disappeared overnight what would you be working on
3. Try to learn new tools and technologies

There will always be demand for skilled human because never forget that a Human designed the machine 🙂

Jai Hind-Jai Indian IT