Intel Winners’ Circle adds Mettle Networks in the prestigious Gold Category 2021.

Mettle Networks has been included in the prestigious Gold Category of the 2021 Intel Winners’ Circle. It is a telecom products company serving the ISP/broadband industry and is based in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram.

The company is among a few Indian companies developing telecom products in the country, and offering networking products since 2012, said Anil Kumar K, Co-Founder and CEO, Mettle Networks.

“Broadband networks are a strategic infrastructure of any country, just like power grids, and broadband network gateways (BNG) are at the center of this infrastructure. BNGs manage all the broadband traffic from end-customers, offices, businesses, and private networks, at one point,” said Anil Kumar.

“Our search for an engineering solution to reach the anticipated situation took us to virtualization approaches. Our study and research convinced us that virtualization would revolutionize the way telecom capacity is going to be built because of the flexibility and scalability it offers,” Anil Kumar added.

Its first large deployment was with a pan-Indian ISP that operates across Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Hyderabad. Mettle vBNG is now completing its field trial at many small and medium operators across India.

This year, inclusion in the Gold category of Intel Winners’ Circle is notable since Mettle Networks happened to be the only telecom products firm that demonstrated its capacity to compete with foreign brands in the core network.

Intel leverages the circle to identify companies worldwide that introduce novel ideas and market-ready products with the potential to accelerate network transformation in the telecom and computer spaces.

The finalists in Intel Winners’ Circle have met a set of criteria, including open-source contributions, meeting solution benchmarks, and commercial availability of virtualized or cloud-ready applications based on Intel architecture, edge applications, or 5G integrated solutions.

Working together with Intel, Winners’ Circle partners drive the next generation of solutions and transform the network from edge to core.