Intel India ‘AI for All’ Program Training Over 2 Lakh Learners in India

Intel India launched its ‘AI for All’ program to impart a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) to millions of people in the country. Citizen from all age groups is eligible for this program.

The global chip manufacturer is among those companies who are constantly taking initiatives to upskill existing workers, train future workers, and creating a talent pool to meet future demands.

Till now, more than 2 lakh students from 8th to 12th standard have been trained in AI by Intel India. Along with that, it has also helped around 5,000 government officials in enhancing their skills.

According to the Country Head of Intel India, Nivruti Rai, they have launched a new program called ‘AI for All’ only this year in July. This program has targeted to help more than a million people gain basic knowledge of AI technology.

She said that not only Intel but every company need talented employees. As AI will introduce several job opportunities in the future, so it is necessary to train people about this emerging technology.

She compared the current status of AI among people with a black box, as most people don’t have any idea about ‘what is AI?’. After training their existing employees, Intel India is looking to do the same with students, citizens, and government officials.

She added that the ‘AI for All’ course can also be accessed on mobile phones, and in multiple languages. It is just going a 4 hours long course. She also claimed to achieve one million users within the first year of its launch.

According to Rai, Intel India is preparing the workforce of tomorrow in the expected critical areas of the future. With this program, they are trying to make people understand that AI is about generating clean data, statistics, data analytics, mathematics, and programming.

She suggested people try things by themselves to get rid of their fear.

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