Intel AI for All Course Making Indians Build Basic Understanding of the Technology

To let Indians from all age groups, build a basic understanding of artificial intelligence technology, Intel has launched its AI for All initiative in partnership with CBSE, Ministry of Education.

This program is a 4 hours course, allowing learners to learn at their own pace. It is designed so that every participant either a student, professionals, and senior citizen can understand AI technology.

Till now, more than 58,000 people have downloaded the course badges for the ‘AI for All’ initiative of Intel.

According to Intel’s Director of Asia Pacific and Japan, Global Government Affairs, Government Partnerships & Initiatives, Shweta Khurana, AI technology is being adopted by all countries around the world. It can help them in bringing significant growth to their economy, and job markets.

But she said that currently there are not sufficient AI skills available globally to execute the wider adoption of this technology. Talking about India, she considered public knowledge and trust a major element to achieve the economic growth, AI can offer.

This course will allow people to understand the process behind the AI-based applications they are interacting with. Either the learner is a grandmother or a stockbroker, the course is built simple enough considering their level of grasping.

AI for All consists of two modules each containing videos and interactive quizzes, available in 11 languages for Indian learners. The first module will be focused on making people understand the basic difference between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

While the second module introduces learners to the domains where this technology is being used, including natural language processing. Intel’s initiative can help future AI professionals build a foundation in the domain.

Intel has developed this course in the time of 6 months, with test trials to check if people from various segments will be able to relate to it or not.
Even, visually impaired learners can also learn from this course, using talkback applications.

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