Infosys To Start Promotions From September

Multiple sources have confirmed that Infosys is resuming its promotion cycle, and the company will announce the promotion for the first batch of employees in September. These promotions will be applicable for only Mid-Level And Junior level Infosys employees under Job Level 5 (Technology Lead and similar grade level).

It is indeed great news that Infosys is starting the promotions; however, there is no confirmation on salary hikes and compensation revision.

Earlier this year, Infosys had suspended the Promotion and Salary Hikes due to the Covid-19 pandemic that resulted in the business slowdown and uncertainty. However, Quarterly results of Indian IT Companies have beaten the expectations, and IT firms continue to win large deals, especially in Digital and Cloud space.

Eligibility criteria for Infosys Promotions in September 2020

According to one source, employees from only Job Level 5 and below will be considered for Infosys September promotions. Infosys Technologies follows pyramid structure and a typical Infosys hierarchy looks something similar to below:

  • Trainee Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Technology Analyst 
  • Technology Lead (Level 5)
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Group Project Manager

Considering the above matrix, over half of the company’s employees would be eligible for the promotions; however, time will tell how many of them will get the promotions.

Infosys Technologies’ decision to start promotions makes sense because, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has brought some great deals, and retaining the top talent would be the highest priority for Infosys Technologies. As remote working/ Work-from-home becomes the new norm, Indian IT companies have data and information to make informed decisions.

Many IT companies continue to layoff amid coronavirus; however, as the situation is improving and Software and IT companies are winning some good deals, hoping to see more hiring, promotions, and salary hikes in the IT Industry in the coming months.

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