Infosys Springboard to reskill over 10 million people by 2025.

Infosys Springboard is a digital reskilling effort developed by Infosys to reach over 10 million students and professionals by 2025.

Infosys Springboard was launched as part of the company’s CSR initiative to provide a virtual platform for learners ranging from college students to working professionals and adults to give corporate-grade learning experiences. The company stated that such training and formal schooling would assist expedite digital reskilling activities in the country.

It stated that around 4,000 students and over 300 educational institutions, NGOs, and support groups were already involved in the effort.

“The pandemic has signified the critical need for people from all walks of life to have access to digital learning instruments. “Infosys Springboard is a significant investment that will help us deliver on our continuous ESG commitment to close the digital divide as we move forward,” said Nilanjan Roy, Infosys’ Chief Financial Officer.

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