Infosys Special chartered flight brings back 200 employees from the USA

For the first time by any Indian IT company, Infosys’s special chartered flight brings back 200 Indian employees from the USA.

Samir Gosavi – AVP of Infosys has proudly shared a picture of employees boarding the chartered flight in San Francisco and departing the USA.

Infosys rented a chartered flight to bring back 200 employees and their families from the USA to India amid Covid-19 safety measures.

We have not received much information; however, the majority of the employees are those who are on an H1B visa or B1/B2 visa.

Several employees from Indian IT companies got stuck in the USA due to Covid-19. Many employees from Indian IT companies have lost the project and have no assignment but stranded since March because International flights are not operating, and now Infosys is bringing back its employees through a rented chartered plane.

Indian IT Professionals are giving mixed reactions; some have raised questions about this urgency of moving employees and their families during the middle of this pandemic.

Few people believe that hiring a chartered plane is cheaper than managing the cost of employees who have lost the project in the USA.

Infosys did not comment on anything yet on this.

One person claimed that his friend works in Infosys, who confirmed that Infosys hired this charted flight on the request of employees. Several onsite employees have a compelling reason like losing a family member in India, are the only caretakers, and came here on a short-term visa and want to unite with the family members in India during this time.

He added this is not related to any layoff, and Infosys has enough projects at onsite (USA).

India launched VandeBharath’s mission to bring Indians back from the USA; however, many people, including Infosys employees, were struggling to get tickets; therefore, requested Infosys management to come forward and help.

If this is the reason, indeed, this is a really great example of leadership by an Indian IT Company.

Infosys Special chartered flight
Infosys Special chartered flight

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