Infosys Partnered with AWS for Conducting Research in Quantum Computing

India-based IT major, Infosys is looking to enhance its capabilities in the domain of quantum computing. In this direction, the company has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to perform future research and build use cases.

As a part of its Cobalt cloud offerings, Infosys will work on exploring and build multiple quantum computing use cases, by leveraging the capabilities of ‘Amazon Bracket.

According to Infosys’ announcement on Wednesday, this deal is one of its strategic partnerships.

In a statement, the IT firm mentioned that, the fully managed quantum computing service of Amazon Bracket will allow its scientists and developers team to start exploring the technology, conduct research, and discover its applications.

According to Infosys, they will use Amazon Bracket, to build, test, and evaluate the application of quantum computing in quantum hardware technologies, and circuit simulators.

The evolution of quantum technologies is continuously taking place, hence such deals will be valuable in enabling researchers and developers in understanding and experimenting with computational problems associated with it.

According to the statement, enterprises will be able to conduct rapid experimentations using the use cases built by them to explore the potential of quantum computing in helping them find growth opportunities in various domains in the future. It will also let enterprises evaluate new ideas, and build strategies that enable innovation.

It added that, in the future, businesses will be highly impacted by quantum computers and that is why Infosys is relying upon Amazon Bracket for preparing its business for such a future.

Infosys is working on the development of this technology’s use cases in several areas including fraud detection, and vehicle route optimization. The development of next-generation services and offerings is taken care by the Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions (iCETS).

Along with that, the Bengaluru headquartered IT major is working in partnership with start-ups in the domain through Infosys Innovation Network (IIN).

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