Infosys nudges Employees to make the shift from Work from Home

According to a memo viewed by Reuters, the IT giant Infosys Ltd told its employees last week that they could resume work from offices. IT giant did not respond to Reuters’ request for comment on the memo.

Infosys noted that as lockdown restrictions are getting lifted and the country’s safety situation is improving with increasing vaccination coverage, they are encouraging more employees to work from the office. However, the Bengaluru-based Outsourcing major stopped short of calling all employees back to work, reflecting broader caution across the software sector as Indian officials warn about the looming threat of the third wave of Covid-19 infections.

Infosys said it had been operating in emergency mode for months and added that they have been getting requests from certain people to allow their team members to work from Infosys campuses. In addition, some of Infosys employees have also been asking to come back and start working from the office, as a personal preference. Infosys has a total workforce of 2.67 lakh at the end of the June quarter, which is higher in comparison to the 2.59 lakh in the March quarter.

Infosys executives told analysts that nearly 99% of its staff has been working from home, and the company would be taking initiatives to get more people to come to the office over the next couple of quarters. India’s software services sector, which offers critical services for businesses around the world, struggled when offices shut down and work shifted to homes.

As many IT companies are mass-vaccinating their employees, it is expected that large corporations would soon be reopening offices in full force.IT major Wipro has, however, said that they would be waiting until September to make the shift from work from home. Many IT companies, including Tata Consultancy Services, are nudging their employees to transition from work from home to work from the office as the impact of the pandemic is slowly getting reduced. TCS has also announced that they intend to have all employees and their families vaccinated by the end of September