Infosys journey during the pandemic published in a book

The ‘Live Enterprise’ book by Jeff Kavanaugh and Rafee Tarafdar capture Infosys learnings for the last three years. It shows how the Company managed to reinvent itself during the pandemic.


The chairman of Infosys, Nandan Nilekani, was at the virtual launch of the book ‘The Live Enterprise’ said that pandemic has tested firms’ resilience and saw firms shift to become A ‘live enterprise.’

Nilkeni further said that Live Enterprise is an idea of how IT firms will be run in the future. Infosys has got the experience about it over the last three years.


When the pandemic hit the world, Infosys managed to make its 2.4 lakh employees, all-around 40 countries worldwide, work from home immediately. The firm can achieve this feat because it worked for years to become as nimble as any startup, as per the book.


The Book, ‘The Live Enterprise,’ is written by Knowledge Institute head of Infosys, Jeff Kavanaugh, and CTO for its strategic Technology group Rafee Tarafdar. 


This book consists of the pandemic’s lessons and its response for customers and employees and the work foundations have done worldwide during the Covid-19 crisis.


Nilkeni further added that the Company had done significant drives for the past three years to reinvent and make itself more agile. It has taken over experience for more than a thousand clients worldwide, and all of this knowledge has been distilled in the book, which is a guidepost on anyone looking at the digital journey.


“Company has seen the rise of the cloud, and more people are migrating their applications to a combination of public and private cloud. The rise of AI and automation, platformization of digital platforms… the pandemic has demonstrated that companies cannot manage today without being digitally agile. Covid-19 also separated the companies that are digitally savvy from those that are not, and we see an increased rush across the world to become digital savvy,” added Nilekani.


He added that the Company has plans to build a digital infrastructure for the remote working of employees. It was designed for 10 percent of employees to work from home, and the Company wants to scale up this up to 100 percent in the coming days.

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