Infosys denies the latest race discrimination allegations

Infosys lawsuit
Infosys lawsuit

A former Infosys USA employee has put allegations of discrimination and retaliation and filed a race discrimination lawsuit in a Texas US district court.

Ms. Linguist(Davina Linguist), a US national of African American race, was the head of diversity recruiting at Infosys North America.

As per her complaint, she testified against Infosys in 2016 in another lawsuit where the company was accused of discrimination against local job applicants by favoring workers from South Asia to fill IT jobs in the USA.

After this, she alleges that she was demoted and forced to resign from Infosys in March 2017.

The case has been filed when the entire corporate world is questioning race-based discrimination following the death of George Floyd.

As per Infosys, “Infosys has a policy of treating everyone fairly and providing equal employment opportunities and an inclusive workplace to all. It has multiple avenues in which employees can report concerns and further takes affirmative measures so that employees can do so without retaliation,” the company said in a statement.

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