Infosys Collaborates with Britvic to Accelerate their Digital Transformation

Infosys, one of the worldwide leaders in the next generation virtual services and consulting on 11th May 2021, would collaborate with Britvic, a prominent soft drinks business in Europe.

As an end-to-end strategic partner, Infosys collaborates with Britvic to help them pursue their strategic transform roadmap and perform their operations across applications, end-user computing, service management, and cloud infrastructure.

As Britvic’s strategies and partnership will provide its end-to-end IT services, it will help fulfill Britvic’s business goals and strategic digital transformation roadmap by delivering a technology-driven approach.

Under their collaboration with Britvic, Infosys will help in simplifying and streamlining their cloud infrastructure and operations using Infosys Cobalt and improving the delivery quality of the services using automaton, analytics, and process maturity.

On the announcement of Infosys collaborates with Britvic, Senior Vice President of Infosys Mr Ambeshwar Nath said that, through their robust investment, they had empowered themselves with the capabilities to deliver their customers in the consumer goods industry with end to end solutions.

He also said that Infosys is collaborating with Britvic to provide them with new digital capabilities, drive continuous innovation and leverage its cognitive-first approach to simplify their operations further to accelerate digital transformation strategy.

On Britvic’s collaboration with Infosys, the IT Director Operations & Infrastructure at Britvic, Mr Neil Johnson, said that Britvic is ambitious about becoming the most dynamic, creative and admired soft drinks brand globally. For that to happen, they will have to use IT to transform services and operations.

He has also said that Infosys would advantage its services to get automation and digitalize it to take operations to a better level and offer our drive users an epic virtual experience.

Britvic is expecting their collaboration with Infosys will be innovative faster in the current agile business world.


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