Infosys CEO said they would be able to manage attrition despite the war of talent.

The rate of attrition is growing for Infosys as it was 7.8 percent for the quarter ended in September 2020 and even increased to 10 percent for the quarter of December 2020.

But Salil Parekh, CEO of Infosys, is sure that Infosys will manage this attrition despite the fierce war of talent.

Infosys has a good training program for all of its freshers where the large recruits get basic training and extensive training.

Salil Parekh, while speaking at Kotak’s Changing Growth Conference, ” other IT firms are not giving that kind of training, and in many ways, it is an easy way for people to look within the company.”

As per Parekh, Infosys has a good connection with its employees. “So, when attrition will go up, we will be able to ensure that all of this is within the band we have set for ourselves.”

A few years back, Infosys’s attrition rate was 20 percent at a record high.
Though it will not be as high to go up to 20 percent, attrition will go up as demand far outstrips the coming months’ support.

Infosys has raised its freshers hiring numbers from 16500 FY2021 to 24000 for the year 2022. The company is focusing on reskilling in new-age digital areas to meet the demand. These digital skills are going to improve pricing.

Parekh added, “our objective is to make sure that Infosys is developing new skills in the areas of clients looking. With it, the company will add more value to the pricing.”
To ensure the firm’s areas are doing large digital programs, the company makes sure that the sales and delivery teams communicate with the clients and show them the difference in skills or value.

He talked about the plans to scale up Finacle, Stater, Wingspan, and large deals win the company achieved in the conference. “Win rates are good. The one Infosys approach, where everyone is unified to work on the deals with clients, has helped in bringing real impact,” he added.

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