Infosys automates integration between its platform and CoWIN.

India-based IT Company Infosys, on 12th June 2021, said that it is automating the integration between its vaccination platform and CoWIN to ease the inoculation process for its staff and their families.

According to PTI, Infosys stated that as Infosys is rolling out vaccines for employees and their family, across all Development Centres in India, they are automating integration between their vaccination platform and CoWIN to make the programme more seamless.

Google and Facebook to startups such as HealthifyMe have also recently introduced a sloe of tools and measures to help their employees find slots for covid vaccination.

CoWIN head R S Sharma had recently said over a dozen companies, including digital giants like Paytm, online travel company MakeMyTrip, and Infosys, are looking at approval for offering vaccine bookings.

 India has been ramping up vaccination drive to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Reports reveal that India has so far successfully administered over 24.9 crore jobs to eligible beneficiaries. In May 2021 has released new guidelines for integrating CoWIN with third-party applications, making it easier for such apps to offer vaccine bookings. Still, it also helps in making vaccination drive more seamless.

Several online platforms Under45 and GetJab, are now getting appreciated for their efforts in alerting users when vaccine slots open up and then directing them to the CoWIN platform to secure an appointment.

The Indian Government has been administering vaccines in a phased manner. Starting with those who are over 60 years, then for those over 45 years and at present anyone above the age of 18+ is eligible for Covid Vaccine.

The Indian Government recently announced a new update to correct any inadvertent errors in name, year of birth and gender printed on the CoWIN vaccination certificate using the CoWIN website itself. Also, the issue of vaccine shortage is slowly getting resolved by initiating steps like procuring vaccines from abroad.

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