Infosys and ServiceNow collaborate to offer digitization services to manufacturers.

Global IT leader Infosys has announced its partnership with ServiceNow to provide enterprise-level service management for customers in manufacturing industries.

As a part of the partnership, Infosys Ltd will leverage its industry cloud blueprints, part of Infosys Cobalt, and deploy ServiceNow Operations Technology Management (OTM) to support manufacturing industries as they digitize their factories, floors, and plant operations.

Infosys will harness its Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Cafe, built on the Now Platform, along with ServiceNow OTM, to enhance the resilience and availability of critical OT systems across the manufacturing landscape.

The partnership between Infosys and ServiceNow will also be extended to address the OTM, factory, and operations digitization needs of customers across CPG, energy, and retail industries.

Recently, Infosys and ServiceNow collaborated with Carrier Global Corporation to help them achieve their goal of spinning off from their parent company UTC. Carrier Global Corporation is a top global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable, and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

Infosys Cobalt’s ESM Cafe supported to transform Carrier’s IT, HR service desk, and security operations in the established time frame. Carrier selected Infosys for its expertise in changing legacy environments with the Now Platform, speed of execution, and ability to fast-track large-scale implementations beyond IT.

Narasimha Rao Mannepalli, Executive Vice-President, Head of Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions and Infosys Validation Solutions, Infosys, said, “With the power of Infosys Cobalt and our elite collaboration with ServiceNow, we will help bring multi-fold business benefits for our clients.”

Binoy Gosalia, Global Head of Industry Partnerships, ServiceNow, said, “Infosys Cobalt’s Enterprise Service Management Café accelerates its manufacturing clients’ ServiceNow journey with an AI-powered plug-and-play deployment solution.”

Polly Fabry, Senior Director, Digital, Carrier, said, “We believe that the collaboration between Infosys and ServiceNow will enable Carrier to find faster, more innovative ways to respond to changing markets and drive business resilience.”

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