Infosys and Microsoft partner together for Ausgrid’s cloud transformation.

IT giants Infosys and Microsoft have partnered together for a multi-year strategic engagement with power distributor Ausgrid to accelerate the cloud transformation. Ausgrid is the largest electricity distributor on Australia’s east coast.

The partnership will further Ausgrid’s vision to connect communities, empower lives, and focus on affordability, reliability, and sustainability, according to a regulatory filing of Infosys.

Nick Crowe, acting CIO at Ausgrid, said, “More than 4 million Australians rely on our services. So, the company needs to maintain a high standard of reliability, connectivity and deliver on community expectations.”

He said that the company is accelerating its cloud transformation journey with Infosys and Microsoft. It allows the Ausgrid to improve the network’s reliability, keep downward pressure on electricity prices, and bring new services to market cost-effectively and quickly.

The cloud transformation program is intended to reduce Ausgrid’s cost of ownership and improve the performance of its IT systems and applications.

As a part of the strategic engagement, Infosys and Microsoft will help Ausgrid resolve the challenges by renewing its application landscape and optimizing the IT infrastructure.

The cloud-driven transformation program was launched in 2020 and is delivered through a phased approach, leveraging a cloud management platform together with managed services.

Anand Swaminathan, Executive VP and Global Industry Leader, Infosys, said, “Our engagement with Ausgrid has expanded to include the strategic cloud transformation initiative. It will leverage Infosys’ Cobalt ecosystem of platforms, solutions, and services and our deep expertise in the utility industry.”

Rachel Bondi, Chief Partner Officer, Microsoft Australia, said the company had witnessed considerable growth in enterprise-wide cloud adoption, which is critical for resilient business models.

He further added that through the partnership with Infosys and Ausgrid, the company is optimizing the strengths of Microsoft Azure to create endless digital capabilities and accelerate customer value.

The cloud transformation program will help Ausgrid improve agility; it will simplify and modernize its digital platforms, driving tangible business outcomes and delivering value at scale to its end customers, he added.


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