Infosys and CII call centres to help Covid-19 home-isolated patients in Karnataka.

  • The Karnataka government, which has faced criticism for failing to provide medical consultation to Covid-19 patients in home isolation, will now be supported by BPO executives from IT giant Infosys and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).
  • In less than two days, 1,000 call centre workers in Bengaluru and other parts of the state can communicate with home-isolated patients and ask about their health status regularly.

“Out of the 2,81,000 active cases, about 28,000 (10 per cent) are in hospital,” Health Minister K Sudhakar admitted, admitting to lapses in attending to and offering medical consultation to such patients. More than 2.5 lakh people are confined to their homes. However, our call centres have a small staff, and calling up such a large number of patients will be impossible. It, however, will be resolved in a matter of days. Infosys’ Krish Gopalakrishnan has agreed to provide us with 1,000 people to run call centres, and the CII will assist us with the workforce.”

Doctors will be accessible via these call centres, according to health department sources, and home-isolated patients will be able to report their symptoms or problems. “The call centres will call each patient at least once a day, and they will provide medical guidance,” an official explained.

Sudhakar said that if a patient’s symptoms are severe, this panel of doctors would recommend admission. “Those with a saturation level of 90 or 91 are strongly discouraged from applying. If we can isolate and treat about 90% of patients under home isolation, as we did in the UK, this would be the hallmark of Covid management.”

In coordination with the e-governance agency, the health department and the BBMP will add 500 additional lines and deploy 1,500 executives in three shifts to call up home-isolated patients.

Patients with the ‘Covid condition‘ are eligible for free care.

Due to an soaring numbers who test negative for RT-PCR but have Covid symptoms and low oxygen levels, the government has ordered that all hospitals treat them for free. “They have been classified as patients with Covid syndrome,” said Health Minister Sudhakar.


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