India’s Epic Case of Corporate Bullying: DailyBasket founder launch a website to fight BigBasket

Key Highlights:

  • Founder of a Coimbatore-based startup DailyBasket, Ramesh Vel, has launched a website – “bbisabully” to fight BigBasket
  • On February 17th, BigBasket sent DailyBasket a cease and desist notice, asking the smaller company to take down its Website, mobile app and stop all operations.
  • According to the Website, Vel said- “We don’t have that mighty power & money BigBasket possess to engage in endless lawsuits and unlawful intimidations.
  • Vell wants to show the truth in public to everyone to see what BigBasket has become. And how a big billion-dollar company considers an upcomer to be a competition and eliminate us with corporate bullying.

Last week Indian online grocery unicorn BigBasket sued Coimbatore-based startup Daily Basket by sending a notice for using the word basket in its name. Cease and desist notice demanded to stop all DailyBasket operation. Now DailyBasket founder Ramesh Vel has launched a website, calling this a Corporate Bullying case.

What is the Bigbasket Vs Dailybasket matter?

DailyBasket is a small online/offline grocery startup currently only serving in Coimbatore. Bigbasket, which is Indian’s largest grocery delivery platform, sent a cease legal notice to close down the DailyBasket operations and hand over the domains due to the name ‘basket’ in the brand and similar services.

Legal Letter claimed that Dailybasket has dishonestly, deceptively made the Website and mobile app similar to BigBasket.

BigBasket lawyers are demanding to stop all operation, shut down the Website and mobile app, and give the domain name to BigBasket immediately free of cost.

Lawyers also demanded to Pay 2 lakh rupees to cover the legal notice cost and legal fees.

What is the Website that DailyBasket founder Ramesh Vel launched?

DailyBasket founder Ramesh Vel knows that a two people startup can not fight against the Billion Dollar company and instantly created a website to reveal the truth.

Indian IT Blog has reviewed the Website; it’s a fantastic website where Ramesh compared Bigbasket and Dailybaseket side by side and responded to every single claim by Bigbaseket lawyers with facts and evidence.

He added- “We are a small bootstrapped company currently only serving in Coimbatore and about to open our first physical location. But we will show the truth in public to everyone to see what BigBasket has become. And how a big billion-dollar company sees an upcomer as a competition and trying to eliminate us with corporate bullying,”

Some screenshots from #bbisabully

BigBasket and Dailybasket BigBasket and Dailybasket

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Three interesting facts about BigBasket vs DailyBasket fight

  1. It is the first time any startup has opened a fight against a unicorn and seeking public support.
  2. The timing of the legal notice is interesting because it comes when Tata Group is also in talks with Bigbasket for a 68% stake for $1.3 billion.
  3. Interestingly, BigBasket or Daily Basket aren’t the only ones in the grocery with the word ‘basket’ in them. There are many other companies like MilkBasket, Nature’s Basket that also exists in the retail space. 

DailyBasket is a small bootstrapped business based in Coimbatore with no significant backing or funding. Indian IT Blog is encouraging people to visit Please spread this story with your friends and followers on social media.