India’s Cowin Open Source Version to Help the World

Currently, the whole world is experiencing the impact of Covid-19. Many countries including India have started their vaccination drive. Being one of the biggest IT capital in the world, India is making efforts to help the whole world to survive this tough time. To do so, the Indian Government will be soon making available the open-source version of Cowin to all the countries interested to use the solution.

Cowin is the same platform being used by the 1.38 billion population of India to get vaccinated against Covid-19. This made-in-India solution will now be developed in the open-source version.

It was the CEO of the National Health Authority of India, Mr. RS Sharma who made this announcement. On June 28, 2021, he wrote on Twitter that the Cowin platform has become very popular, globally. This technology has attracted the interest of more than 50 countries from Central Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

He also added that it is directed to them by the Prime Minister’s office to develop an open-source version of the Cowin platform so that all interested nations can use the technology in their Covid vaccination drive, free of cost.

To ensure an organized vaccination drive in the country, the Government of India developed the Cowin platform. With this platform, the citizens can register and book a slot to get vaccinated. After the vaccination is completed it generates a digital certificate with a QR code which can be downloaded from anywhere.

Indian citizens are required to provide their phone number and Aadhar Card number to register on the Cowin platform. Along with that it also provides various data about vaccination like demographics, vaccine availability, etc.

Countries including Vietnam, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Peru, Iraq, Panama, Nigeria, and Uganda have shown their interest to use the vaccination platform.

On June 30, the Health Ministry, National Health Authority, and External Affairs Ministry will organize a virtual conclave, to share its experience to help global vaccination.

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