Indian techie was killed in a drug gang war in Mexico on her 30th birthday.

An Indian-origin techie was killed in Mexico in a shootout between two drug gangs in the Caribbean coast resort of Tulum. The deceased is identified as Anjali Ryot, aged 29, and she was based in California and traveled to Mexico with her husband to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Anjali, a techie by profession, was among the two tourists killed in the crossfire, as reported by a California-based news portal.

Ryot and her husband Utkarsh Shrivastava went to Mexico to celebrate her 30th birthday on October 22 from San Jose city in California. K D Ryot, Anjali’s father, told PTI from his home in Himachal Pradesh.

Shrivastava informed Anjali’s younger brother Ashish, who currently resides in Chicago, about the incident. Ashish told the family in India about the tragic incident.

Anjali has been working as a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn. She was a former employee of Yahoo. In addition, she was a travel blogger, as displayed on her social media account.

She and four other foreign travelers were dining in La Malquerida restaurant when four people armed with assault rifles fired at an adjoining table on the premises around 10.30 pm.

In the gun firing, stray bullets hit Anjali and the German woman, while three were injured from Germany and the Netherlands. Police point to a confrontation between rival organized crime gangs, and the deceased were just the collateral victims.

Police added that the fight was between two rival groups that sell drugs in the area. Several drug cartels run in the Mexican state, famous for the retail drug market and a landing spot for drug shipments.

Meanwhile, Ashish Ryot, Anjali’s brother, has requested the mayor of Tulum to speed up the process to repatriate her body. Additionally, he asked the authorities for help so that his visa was approved and he could enter Mexico to take the last remains of her sister to India for last rites.

Anjali completed her Masters in Electronics from San Jose State University after completing B Tech from Jaypee University of IT, Waknaghat.