Indian IT professional and pregnant wife found dead in the US apartment

An Indian couple from Beed, Maharashtra, was found dead at their apartment in the US; police revealed the incident after neighbours saw their 4-year-old daughter crying alone on the house’s balcony.

As per US media reports, the husband stabbed his wife in the abdomen; she tried to save herself in their living room. The couple died of stabbing in their North Arlington apartment. This is not the first time this tragic incident happened with an Indian IT professional in the US.

The couple, identified as Balaji Bharat Rudrawar (32) and wife Arti Balaji Rudrawar (30), found dead at their 21 Garden Terrace apartment in the Riverview Gardens Complex of North Arlington borough in New Jersey, which has more than 15000 residents.

Balaji’s Father, Bharat Rudrawar, told the news agency, “the bodies were found by police on Wednesday after neighbours saw my granddaughter crying in the balcony of the house, and informed the local police who then entered the house.”
As per a press release from the county prosecutor’s office, published by local news agencies, police officers made their way inside the house and found the couple dead.
“Investigators were waiting for the medical examiner to determine the cause and circumstances of the death but confirmed both victims had been stabbed,” the report said.

The Father of the deceased, Bharat Rudrawar, said that the local police informed me of the tragedy on Thursday. There is no fact on the cause of death, and the police said that they would share the autopsy report once received with me.

He further said that his daughter-in-law was seven months pregnant, we had been to their house, and we were planning to be with them in the US soon. “I am not aware of any motive as they were a happy couple and had lovely neighbours. US authorities informed me that it would take 8 to 10 days for the bodies to reach India after formalities.” His granddaughter is now with his friend’s son in New Jersey.

Balaji was an IT professional from Ambajogai in the Beed district of Maharashtra, had moved to the US in 2015 after his marriage in December 2014. While he was working for an Indian Infotech Company, his wife was a homemaker.


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