Indian IT companies to boost women hiring in campus recruitment to achieve gender diversity.

Major Indian IT companies Infosys, TCS, Wipro, and HCL together will hire nearly 60000 women from campus recruitment this year to improve gender diversity at the workplace. 

For most of these Indian IT companies, the number of women they plan to hire in entry-level roles in the current year is likely to be one of the highest. 

IT companies campus recruitment –

  • At HCL Technologies, approx 60 percent of campus-hired employees would be women. 
  • Wipro and Infosys both are targetting to hire nearly 50 percent women in their campus recruitment. 
  • Tata Consultancy Services will maintain the ratio at 38 to 45 percent as in the past three years. 

HCL plans to hire a total of 22000 people at the entry-level this year, and it aims to achieve a 50:50 mix in gender diversity in the coming years. Apparao VV, Chief HRO, HCL, said, “The gender diversity will happen if we build our talent pool starting from entry-level.”

All IT companies are gradually increasing the hiring numbers of women. Additionally, in the past two years, 40 percent of employees hired at the HCL were female. 

According to Nasscom, the Indian Tech industry currently has a gender diversity ratio of 33 percent, resulting from significant industry interventions over the years.

Sangeeta Gupta, senior vice president, Nasscom, said that as demand for digital talent increased, the industry is looking further at enhancing women’s participation in the workforce through increased campus recruitment, hybrid work models, and skilling interventions.

Female candidates are giving excellent responses to Infosys at its campus recruitment drives. “On average, our entry-level hiring mix is an equal number of male and female. However, we hire on merit,” said Infosys HR head Richard Lobo.

Infosys has plans to have 45 percent of women employees in its total workforce by 2030. In addition, it intends to hire and train 35000 freshers in fiscal 2022. 

Indian IT giant TCS is likely to hire 15000 to 18000 women among targetted 40000 freshers. It currently has 185000 female associates. 

Wipro is planning for 30000 campuses hiring this year and expects half of them to be women. Currently, around 35 percent of Wipro employees are women. 

The pandemic has urged for work from home and flexible work models, especially in IT companies. So, it would be easier for the IT companies to tap into the talent pool of women that had exited. 


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