Indian IT companies set up Covid care centers, join hands in the fight against Covid-19.

As the second wave of Covid-19 hit India, the cases rose rapidly, but the health and medical facilities & supplies fall short of serving. India’s daily cases stood at 3 lakh a day; many corporates have stepped up to support Covid-hit employees by giving them access to Quarantine Centres. Indian IT companies like TCS, Amazon, Capgemini, HDFC bank, Cognizant, and others have set up Covid-care centers independently. Some with the tie-up with the hotels or hospitals when overburdened healthcare facilities prove a challenge to many patients.

Employees from these Indian IT companies are being admitted to these centers have access to professional doctors and nurses and every medical facility needed; for more critical cases, these centers will arrange the required medical help or hospitalization. These centers are meant for mildly symptomatic/asymptomatic patients, especially for people who live alone or in small homes with family and would otherwise face difficulty isolating. Such isolation centers have come up in Tier 1 and 2 cities and factories.

  • Indian IT company ITC has set up a quarantine center for its employees and family members who are mild symptomatic.
  • HDFC Bank announced that it had converted three of its training centers in Bhubaneswar, Pune, and Gurugram into isolation facilities, equipped with first-line assistance, round-the-clock nurses, and visiting doctors.
  • The largest Indian IT company TCS has set up Covid Care Centers across 11 cities in India, and in several cities, they have arrangements with hotels with hospital tie-ups.
  • The Ecommerce giant Amazon has set up isolation centers in few hotels; employees who have mild COVID-19 symptoms and do not need intensive care can avail of hotel rooms for quarantine/isolation.
  • IT service company Capgemini, on its part, has partnered with various hotels to provide quarantine centers for 14 days.
  • RPG group has set up dormitory-like isolation centers at some of their factories to accommodate 30-40 people.
  • MNC company Cognizant has partnered with Apollo Hospitals. The latter has set up self-isolation facilities in service apartments/hotels across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bangalore for those requiring minimal medical supervision. These are isolation centers with medical help at hand. If the need arises, Apollo will support hospitalization subject to availability.


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