Increase in Sick leave application due to Covid-19 puts Indian IT companies and consulting firm into pressure

Indian IT companies and consulting companies scramble to handle, as the Covid-19 second wave is worsening the situation in India, employees falling sick or requires sick leave to take care of friends and families.

  • Many Indian IT companies have put in the infrastructure to vaccinate employees and their families after the government allowed vaccines for everyone above the age of 18 years.
  • IT and Call Centre industry in India employs over 4.5 million people and relies on thousands of graduates under age 30.

Major Indian IT companies in Bengaluru and other cities have set up Covid-19′ war rooms as they scramble to source Oxygen, Medicines, and hospital beds for infected workers and maintain backroom operations financial firms.

Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered Bank, which run much of their global back-office operations from large offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, or Hyderabad, have placed the infrastructure on vaccinating thousands of employees and their families after the government lifted age restrictions.

Employees at Indian IT companies that provide services like Accenture and Wipro say teams work over 14 hours daily, under pressure and struggling to deliver on projects as staff call in sick and take time off to care for friends and families.

They play down any warning of a collapse in operations – but at stake, if the covid cases surge continues, is the infrastructure put in place by the biggest finance firms in cost-cutting drives that have left them intensely reliant on the offices in India.

As per one employee at Accenture who does not wish to be named, “Employees have started testing positive for Covid-19 since the second wave began, causing severe pressure for projects that are nearing deadlines.” 

The second wave of Covid-19 infections has seen at least 300,000 people test positive each day for the past week in India, overwhelming healthcare facilities and crematoriums and driving an increasingly urgent international response.

Many major companies have vaccination schemes in place, and several other outlined Covid-19′ war rooms’ they had launched to support employees and secure oxygen and other medical supplies.


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