IN10 Media Network launches Stream-Sense

IN10 Media Network, a renowned media and entertainment company, has launched a new technology service solution named Stream-Sense.

IN10 holds ownership rights of prominent channels and streaming services such as EPIC TV, Ishara-Zindagi ka Nazara, DocuBay, EPIC ON etc.

The company statement said that Stream-Sense would be equipped with services that will enable broadcasters, distributors, content owners, and sports-tech companies to stream live and on-demand video or audio content on multiple devices, including web, mobile, and Smart TV.

Sourjya Mohanty, who works as the head of the network’s OTT streaming platform EPIC ON, will be in charge of Stream-Sense along with a specialized team.

Aditya Pittie, managing director, IN10 Media Network, said that IN10 Media Network is committed to developing the broadcast and digital ecosystem in the country. 

He added that with Stream-Sense, they aim to drive the growth of content platforms by providing them with swift technology to reach out to a large section of the audience.

Mohanty added that Stream-Sense would help in increasing the revenue of creators, publishers, and existing platforms businesses by offering a better quality of streaming to their audience and monetization routes. 

He further said that they had added 30 plus key components indigenously to cater to the needs of their clients. This new platform aims to help clients make sense of their end-to-end streaming requirements across audio, video, gaming, and e-Books.

As a move to strengthen their digital engagement, EPIC has recently announced EPIC Digital Original, which includes shows with the target audience being between the age group of 18-40.

IN10 Media Network has entered the Hindi general entertainment market at the beginning of 2021 with a new channel called Ishara – Zindagi ka Nazara. It started with shows rooted in culture but viewed through a modern perspective like Paapnaashini GangaHumkadam, Janani romantic thrillers like Agni-Vayu.

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