IBM to design and develop an e-commerce platform for Joyalukkas.

Joyalukkas India Ltd, a Jewellery retailer that works worldwide, has selected IBM Global Business Service and it will design, develop and deploy a new e-commerce platform across 11 countries.

Joyalukkas Jewellery has over 160 showrooms across 11 countries. The e-commerce platform will utilize data and analytics to drive an enhanced customer experience and go onboard later this year.

The jewellery retailer will utilize technology solutions to enhance efficiency, drive growth, and boost resilience and adaptability to navigate the business’s evolving nature, from handling daily price fluctuations of precious metals like gold, silver, and gems to drawing insights from shopping patterns.

IBM has developed a cloud-enabled e-commerce platform built on Adobe Magento Commerce. Joyalukkas has also engaged with IBM iX, IBM’s business design arm, to create a clear roadmap for Joyalukkas Jewelry’s digitalization.
The jewellery retailer will be able to ensure a unique personalized and country-specific experience for individuals.

IBM developed this platform as Progressive Web Apps, which deliver a mobile-native experience for customers providing them familiarity and ease of use through mobile phones.

The cloud-native architecture will enable Joyalukkas to automate order and inventory management across their site and on multiple online marketplaces where its merchandise is sold, thus bringing in efficiency across channels.

It also integrates existing applications like ERP, CRM, inventory management systems, and others.

The Magento Marketplace will fulfil these capabilities by leveraging a host of application plug-ins to enable additional features using cloud-based APIs.

IBM further custom-built a unique product configurator that will enable Joyalukkas to automate the creation of stock-keeping units (SKUs) for easier inventory management across multiple marketplaces.

“It is vital to have a presence in the digital world along with a comprehensive strategy that has digital and customer experience as pillars built on a strong foundation of technology like cloud and AI,” said Kamal Singhani of IBM Services.