IBM to bring back to work US employees in September

  • IBM to get back to work US employees in September first week 
  • Vaccinated employees can work at the office without a mask
  • The company does not clear about employees work from home after September

Big Blue IBM‘s all employees in the US will be back to work at office onwards September 7; the memo sends to staff this week from Chief HRO Nickle LaMoreaux stated. 

In the memo, LaMoreaux said, “IBM is working on protocols for fully vaccinated employees back to work in the office without masks. In addition, the company is working on health and safety protocols for business travel and meetings with clients from outside the company.”

The memo issued by the chief HRO of IBM didn’t mention that employees will work from home either full or part-time. Still, it pointed at long-established practices and policies supporting work-life balance, which will continue as employees return to work. 

Currently, IBM has planned to get employees back to work only in the US as Covid-19 cases have decreased drastically in recent months due to massive vaccination drives for all the adults across the country.

LaMoreaux said in the memo, “Improving clinical conditions in the US and broad access to Covid-19 vaccinations caused the company to reopen US offices fully in September this year.”

In March, CEO of IBM, Arvind Krishna, said that he expects to see 80 percent of IBM employees working in a hybrid model after the pandemic. However, he is concerned about how remote work could create challenges for community building and upward mobility for staff. 

He said that the company would even reduce office space by tens of millions. IBM is one of the pioneers of the work from home revolution before it largely abandoned the policy in 2017. 

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