IBM partners with Tech Mahindra for a business of $1Billion

The IT leader IBM and Tech Mahindra announced a 1-billion-dollar partnership. It will strengthen their collaboration, especially in areas like 5G, Hybrid cloud, automation, and cybersecurity. These two tech giants will work towards building an ecosystem over the next three years.

What’s into the deal-

The IBM Chairman Arvind Krishna and CEO of TechM, C P Gurnani, announced that two companies would generate one billion US dollars in business by offering solutions in 5G, Cloud, and cybersecurity to customers worldwide.

This initiative includes the launch of Tech Mahindra’s Blue Marble (A new digital transformation accelerator product of TechM) on IBM cloud for telecommunications for 5G services. This collaboration will grow the cybersecurity business with IBM Cloud Park. It will strengthen and expand portfolios through cloud-based offerings.

 This partnership also includes Innovation labs and Excellence Centres as these two aim at a 1 trillion US dollars Hybrid Cloud market opportunity.

It is a win for the client because they can access more technology and more capability and more expertise. It’s a win for the partner because their business expands. And it’s a win for us because our business grows,” Arvind Krishna said in a conference held for the announcement.

“Indian market is very vibrant. To leverage this market further, organizations will have to have a robust digital infrastructure, which presents us. As, without digital infrastructure, organizations will find it hard to take their services to a wider audience,” Krishna stated as IBM is on the way to expand its operation in the country.

Arvind Krishna mainly strategizes IBM‘s core and emerging technologies, including AI, quantum computing, Blockchain, Cloud Services, and Nano Technology. 

C P Gurnani, CEO of Tech M, said that “we will be adding

a lot of value to each other as we build almost a billion-dollar ecosystem for each other. We are building this on the success of the customers by solving some of their critical challenges”. 

With this venture, Tech M is expecting 40% of the joint work to be on 5G, as half of its business comes from telecom services.


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