IBM on Enhancing Its Digital Capabilities in China

In the next five years, the business-to-business sales in China are expected to be highly impacted by the digital channel, because of which the US-based global IT giant, IBM has decided to put extra effort into its digital sales strategy in China.

According to IBM Greater China Group’s CEO, Alain Benichou, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the significance of digital sales experience. They need to learn the digital way to interact with the customers, especially in China, the world’s most digitalized market.

Recently, IBM celebrated the first anniversary of its digital sales center in Beijing, China. This data sales center played a vital role in enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to survive in the challenges that arose from the pandemic, with its digital transformation services.

Since the demand for digitalization is increasing in the Chinese market, so the IBM data sales center will enhance its capabilities to meet this demand with advanced digital tools, agile response speeds, and solid technical sales skills.

The IT giant said that, with the aid of the hybrid cloud and the Artificial Intelligence technology, IBM will meet the digital transformation needs of the customers, which is expected to introduce new business opportunities for the company.

Recently, a survey by Gartner, a market research company pointed out about 33% of the customers who participated in the survey prefer a sales experience that does not require interaction with the seller. Even by 2025, it predicts that about 80% of the business-to-business sales interaction will take place via a digital medium.

According to Gartner, customers are getting comfortable with the digital mode of buying, because of which organizations should also engage and interact with customers the way they want to sell their products.

IBM is also making efforts to attract customers, in this changing world. It includes online video live streaming, where the technical and sales experts use an easy-to-understand manner to showcase their products and software solutions.