IBM is planning to bring the Python data science platform “Anaconda” to the company’s IBM Z and LinuxONE customers.

Anaconda, the world’s most sought-after Python distribution platform and brags over twenty-five million users worldwide. Today it is announced that IBM is putting all its efforts into bringing the popular data science frameworks and libraries to the tech giant’s enterprise platforms.

Mr Barry Baker, Vice President of Product Management for IBM Z & LinuxONE, wrote in a blog post stating :

“Data scientists who already know and love the platform can now enlarge their open-source data science experience to involve IBM Z & LinuxONE. They can continue to work with their favoured tools and frameworks like SciKit-Learn, Conda, and XGBoost.  

This grows and enables choice in AI frameworks and tooling for end-to-end data science directly on the platform, including production, testing, training, and development.

Data scientists can also benefit from the high availability, scalability, and security capabilities of the IBM Z & LinuxONE platforms when executing AI deployments focusing on time-sensitive jobs or transactions when they are occurring.”

A recent study (PDF) commissioned by IBM from Morning Consult discovered that 90 percent of respondents want to run and build AI where their data already resides. Anaconda for IBM Z and LinuxONE enables organizations to do that while addressing the latency.

Anaconda also runs natively on IBM Z. Through z/OS Container Extensions (zCX) on z/OS; the solution brings open-source data science tools closer to critical workloads and leveraging data gravity of the LinuxONE and Z platforms.

Last year, IBM Watson and Anaconda reported a joint effort to help drive the enterprise adoption of open-source AI technologies.

Artificial intelligence for business is only as good as the ecosystem that it supports, so it’s a pretty natural fit for Watson to work with the industry leader in open-source data science and their community of 20 million users, Anaconda,” said Daniel Hernandez, General Manager of Data and AI at IBM.

IBM integrated Anaconda’s Team Edition repository with Watson Studio. Anaconda, for its part, featured Watson Studio’s no-charge plan to its community of 20 million data scientists.

“Our aim at Anaconda is to help and assist organizations in unleashing their full potential by using data science, and we’re extremely proud to work with IBM and to give their customers the latest open-source data science packages in an extremely enterprise-friendly way,” commented MR. Peter Wang, CEO and co-founder of Anaconda.

“Both our companies/organizations share a goal of making data science and machine learning more accessible and open, and this relationship is a further step in that direction.”

You can get started with Anaconda by downloading the Individual edition or Miniconda installer.

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